Six Stroke Engine

This is a four stroke engine modified to work as a six stroke engine. The additional two strokes are intake of fresh air and exhaust. The result is more mileage and pollution free.
This engine is designed using VELOZETA’S SIX STROKE ENGINE.
In Velozeta’s six stroke engine, a four-stroke Honda engine was experimentally altered to build the six stroke engine. The first four strokes of this engine are just like a conventional four stroke engine. The additional two strokes are for better scavenging and cooling of the engine which is provided by a secondary air induction system. In the fifth stroke, air from an air filter is sucked into the cylinder through a secondary air line provided at the exhaust manifold. In the sixth stroke, a mixture of this air and unburned gases are pushed out through the exhaust valve. This increases the efficiency of engine and reduces the pollution.